Trainer, Learner Documents

Final DSP II Workbook, C9

Final DSP II Workbook C9 rs.pdf
FINAL 9A Workbook Supplement DSP II.pdf
Final 9B Workbook Supplement DSP II (1).pdf
FINAL 9C Workbook Supplement DSP II.pdf

Trainers Guide Draft 1/11/22

Trainer Guide DSP II V3 1_11_22.pdf

Elsevier Courses

Notes about Elsevier Courses:

  • We are removing the "test out" option.

    • It was consistently confusing for learners.

    • Passing the pre-tests didn't guarantee knowing the material.

  • Courses reduced from 33 to 25

    • 10 courses were cut, SMART Goals and Cultural Competence were added.

    • Duplication of content was most common reason for cutting a course.

    • The second tab on the spreadsheet lists the cut courses and reasons for cutting

DSP II Elsevier Course List.xlsx

PowerPoint Drafts

Supplement Cover

(will contain cohort-specific handouts such as schedule, syllabus)

Supplement Cover DSP II.pdf