Train the Trainer

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Presenting Tips for Train the Trainer Meeting Topics

Sources for Information on Your Topic

  • Training How-To and How-To Training Videos pages on Trainer Hub

  • Your own internet research

  • Experiences of trainers you know

  • Your own experience as a trainer and/or trainee

  • Ask Anna if you draw a blank.


  • No more than 15 minutes.

  • Develop a visual component to your presentation. This could be PowerPoint slides or other app. Be creative and remember that staring at slides for your entire presentation is boring for trainees.

  • Make sure to include an interactive activity and/or a discussion section. You can use Zoom polls, Zoom Whiteboard, or other online apps or games. Check the Resources page of the Trainer Hub for ideas.

  • As you develop your presentation, keep in mind principles of adult learning.

  • Note: To use some Zoom features you will need to be made the "host" of the meeting. Let Anna know if that will be needed.

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